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Exercise contributes to increased overall health, but some activities may be contraindicated for you.
Contraindicated exercises are ones that would be detrimental to your health and physical well-being. They can stem from a variety of causes and limitations.
Compliance with your doctor’s or therapist’s recommendation is vital to your recovery and continued health (Especially if you have Cardiac Limitations, epilepsy, overweight or any other disease!).
Performing contraindicated exercises can result in renewed injury, prolonged recovery, chronic pain or death.


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The next information are all about the Online/Community part of the application:

Mandatory Information

Certain information has to be given by a user in order to register for the online part, such as:

  • Age repectively birthday
  • First and last name
  • E-Mail adress
  • Gender
  • Date of first usage
  • Username

Additional Information

After your registration we keep additional information, such as:

  • Workout activitiy (Number of finished workouts)
  • User-Stats and User-Ranking
  • Images (in planning)
  • Friendships (in planning)

How do we use the data:

  • Save and work with the data on our servers
  • Create user profiles
  • Create your own workouts and link them with your profile
  • Rate other workouts
  • User Ranking
  • Workout author (We use your username to identify your created workouts)


In principle, your data are not transferred to third parties, unless we have a legal obligation to do so.

Data security

We have implemented reasonable security policies and procedures designed to protect user information.

Changes to the Data Protection Statement

We reserve the right to amend or adjust this Data Protection Statement at any time subject to compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

Deletion of your user account

In our app you have the possibility to delete your account from our servers. If you have deleted your account there is no way to backup your data!